Two days in Amsterdam

Enjoyed a short break in Amsterdam this week with my partner and a friend. The weather was gorgeous. Glorious sunshine and jackets not needed. The main focus of the trip was visiting the House of Bols. In case you’ve missed it, it’s opposite the Van Gogh Museum. We skipped that…seen the Sunflowers. No, we were there for the Bols. Well, the other two were. I’m not a gin drinker. So when we got to the tasting bar, the bartender kindly mixed me a drink made with corn wine which tasted a lot like a whisky sour.


Tasting the cocktail in the House of Bols

The sunny afternoon was too good to waste, so I sat by the canal, musing with pen and paper. This time the drink was an innocuous little beer with a lemon flavour.

Beer by the canal

Beer by the canal

The final morning was overcast but perfect for a last walk by the canal and a chance to pose with bicycle. (No one is going to believe I was riding it!) All in all a great trip and a chance to spend time with family and friends in a wonderful setting.



By jenjsilver

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