Interview with Affinity

Starting Over is due out this week…1st October. Very excited now! The photo of the cover and the blurb have already been posted here, so now for something completely different.

A few weeks ago, I had an hour and a half long Skype interview with Nancy from Affinity Ebooks. During the grilling she extracted the information that I am a longbow archer and she asked for a photo. I admitted that not only did I have a photo of me with said bow, but also dressed up in medieval costume.

So, nothing to do with the book, but here is the photo. The costume’s a bit wrinkled but they didn’t have irons in the middle ages.


By jenjsilver

Am I in it?

In the process of telling friends and family about my book coming out, the question I am asked right away is – am I in it?

How should I answer that? Would I be asked this if I were writing about vampires, zombies, shape-shifters, et al? Possibly not. I don’t know any.

But as the story is in the contemporary romance genre, the best response might be – ‘yes, of course, you were the inspiration for the main character who is successful, talented, good looking, sexy…oh, and a lesbian. Does that describe you?’

On second thoughts that might not go down too well.

All I can hope for is that readers will enjoy the characters as much as I enjoyed writing about them and if they do see themselves anywhere in the story, that they like what they see.

In case you want a sneak preview, the first chapter is available on the Affinity Ebook Press website. (Publication date: 1st October 2014)

Two days in Amsterdam

Enjoyed a short break in Amsterdam this week with my partner and a friend. The weather was gorgeous. Glorious sunshine and jackets not needed. The main focus of the trip was visiting the House of Bols. In case you’ve missed it, it’s opposite the Van Gogh Museum. We skipped that…seen the Sunflowers. No, we were there for the Bols. Well, the other two were. I’m not a gin drinker. So when we got to the tasting bar, the bartender kindly mixed me a drink made with corn wine which tasted a lot like a whisky sour.


Tasting the cocktail in the House of Bols

The sunny afternoon was too good to waste, so I sat by the canal, musing with pen and paper. This time the drink was an innocuous little beer with a lemon flavour.

Beer by the canal

Beer by the canal

The final morning was overcast but perfect for a last walk by the canal and a chance to pose with bicycle. (No one is going to believe I was riding it!) All in all a great trip and a chance to spend time with family and friends in a wonderful setting.



By jenjsilver

Free short story

My short story There Was A Time is now available from Affinity.


Darts night at the Golden Dragon and Fin’s life is about to change forever. Living in a small seaside resort she thought she was doing fine. Summer flings were great and winter evenings behind the bar were whiled away dreaming of the next conquest in the dunes. Then in walked the stranger, and Fin fell in love.

Hope you enjoy it.

By jenjsilver