Am I in it?

In the process of telling friends and family about my book coming out, the question I am asked right away is – am I in it?

How should I answer that? Would I be asked this if I were writing about vampires, zombies, shape-shifters, et al? Possibly not. I don’t know any.

But as the story is in the contemporary romance genre, the best response might be – ‘yes, of course, you were the inspiration for the main character who is successful, talented, good looking, sexy…oh, and a lesbian. Does that describe you?’

On second thoughts that might not go down too well.

All I can hope for is that readers will enjoy the characters as much as I enjoyed writing about them and if they do see themselves anywhere in the story, that they like what they see.

In case you want a sneak preview, the first chapter is available on the Affinity Ebook Press website. (Publication date: 1st October 2014)

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