Blogging it up


The start of the year seems like a good time to tidy out shelves and drawers. However, I thought my project for a wet Sunday should be to give my blog a refresh. So I’ve added a few more pages: Books / Guest appearances / Reviews. These are mainly for my benefit so I can find these links when I need them, but I hope they will be of interest to any visitors to the blog as well.

The bookshelf pictured above is in my local independent bookstore. I’m pleased to say they have sold four paperback copies of Starting Over in the last two months – and only one of those was to a friend – that I know of. More good news for a dreary January day.

Looking forward to a host of wonderful things this year. May sees the publication of my second novel ‘Arc Over Time’ by Affinity. I’m working towards completing a third novel – but too early to say anything more on that yet. July I will be in New Orleans at my first GCLS conference. The first conference of this kind for me. I’m excited to be meeting up face to face not only with my publishers but also the many ‘friends’ I’ve met via Facebook.

The year has only just started but it already seems to be rushing by.

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