Love, life and fairytales

Why do I write romance stories? I’m happily married and have been with the same lovely woman for over 27 years (who’s counting?).

But I still remember the rush of feelings from the start of our romance. The eyes meeting across a room, the first tentative lunchtime dates. And she wrote the most amazing love letters. I, the writer, was at a loss for words.

So, the stories…it’s an exploration really. The discovery of how two people from different backgrounds, different life experiences, might connect. And I write stories I would like to read. Women falling in love with women, and unlike the usual mainstream lesbian format, they actually have the chance of a ‘happy ever after.’

Now we all know ‘HEA’ doesn’t necessarily happen in real life. There are so many obstacles in everyday living that can get in the way. Work, lack of work, health problems, family, children, ex-lovers…and that’s before you get to the daily niggles over who takes the rubbish out and cleans the toilet.

Why do fairytales like Snow White and Cinderella end before the wedding takes place? Because the story’s been told, the first kisses exchanged. Why spoil it by finding out that the prince has no sense of humour and snores loudly in bed?

Life isn’t a fairytale but it is a journey. So I write about journeys people take, finding love somewhere along the way. Sometimes love hurts, (and in the words of the song*) sometimes it scars, but as long as we can keep a belief in the romance, there’s hope that love will triumph.

So, that’s why I write romance stories. I believe.


* ”Love Hurts” sung by Linda Ronstadt and Gram Parsons

By jenjsilver

2 comments on “Love, life and fairytales

  1. Thanks you … for sharing and elucidating, two exchanges between folks that I enjoy immensely.

    Have a delightful and loving weekend!


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