Day 1 of 2016

Starting with statistics:

I was impressed with my blog stats for 2015 – 45 posts, 1,960 views, 1,091 visitors, 94 likes, and 74 comments. And although the US and the UK topped the list of numbers of viewers from different countries, I was amazed to see some from Hong Kong and India.

So, thank you to everyone who has visited – and especially those who have liked and/or commented. My goal for this year will be to top these figures.

However, I don’t bother giving myself New Year’s resolutions anymore. It took me a while to work out the poor economic value. For example, if a gym membership costs £600 a year, then trips to the gym during the year cost me £100 each time.

I can ‘eat less-drink less alcohol-exercise more’ anytime of the year. So, I don’t have to start today. That’s my excuse, anyway.

Christmas holiday:

We did a fair bit of eating and drinking over Christmas, so I’ve already cut back. (Feeling virtuous – and not counting the glass of Champagne last night – well, New Year’s Eve…)

Here are some photos from our hotel overlooking Lake Windermere…our room with a great view, the walk through the woods, and back to a warm up by the fire.




Before the rains came, we visited Bowness. The lake was already overflowing from the heavy rain the week before but there were plenty of visitors, including this good looking bird:




The floods:

We had a wonderful few days but spent most of Boxing Day wondering if it was safe to go back home. Our village, Mytholmroyd, featured as front page news for the first time ever in its history – as the flood waters from the River Calder rose up to unprecedented heights and submerged a much larger area than usual. Our house is out of range, but it was worrying all the same with reports of power and water cuts.

Although we were relieved to find our own home undamaged, the extent of the destruction to so many local homes and businesses is heart breaking. One such business is the independent bookstore in nearby Hebden Bridge. But the owners have been heartened by the support garnered, not just locally, but through Twitter and Facebook…with publishers willing to send new stock and authors offering signed books for auction on eBay.

Not the start to the New Year many in this area were hoping, or planning, for – but, encouraged by the outpouring of community spirit, they will find the strength to carry on.

With more rain forecast over the coming week, we can only hope there won’t be a repeat of the devastating flooding, not just here, but many other parts of the country as well.

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