My Latest Squeeze

No, I’m not being unfaithful to my wife. Let me introduce “Squeezy”.


Meet Squeezy

My physio recommended I squeeze something regularly to counteract the repetitive strain I experience in my right arm caused by too much mouse action when I’m writing.

I could, I suppose, have found a nerf ball, or similar. But when I saw this creature in the toy section of the supermarket, I thought it was ideal. Its presence on my desk is a daily reminder to squeeze. (I’m not at all familiar with the game, but the label on it informed me that this is the baby ocelet from Minecraft.)

Valentine’s Day is imminent but it’s not an occasion we make too much of. This summer we will be celebrating our thirtieth year together. This is the anniversary we commemorate…not the date of our Civil Partnership in 2006 or the day we converted the CP to marriage in 2014. The day we moved in together thirty years ago is the special one.

It was a risk for both of us. None of my previous relationships had lasted very long, whereas she had been with the same woman for many years. But we took the chance and here we are, thirty years later.


Celebratory dinner – a few weeks early

I know it looks like we’re sitting in a tiled bathroom, but this is actually one of London’s trendy eating places – the Chiltern Firehouse. A fantastic meal – and we had a great view of the chefs at work.


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