Jasmine-scented sex scenes


As mentioned in a previous post, Arc Over Time is a sequel to Starting Over and mainly explores the developing relationship between archaeology professor, Dr Kathryn Moss, and journalist Denise Sullivan. However, one of the other characters featured is Jasmine Pepper. She wasn’t very popular in the first book but as Den’s friend she does have more of a role in the second one.

A business meeting in Chapter One sets the stage for a new direction in Jas’s love life—subsequent events, as they developed—caught me by surprise, and Jasmine as well.

Excerpt from Chapter Two:

Just walking up the road to Max’s house was a thrill. This was a part of London she could only dream about living in. Her parents had helped her pay the deposit on her small garden flat in Stoke Newington and she was still paying off the mortgage ten years later.

She stopped outside the large white Georgian house, the engorged purple flowers of the climbing wisteria vine hanging lusciously over the front door. Taking a deep breath, Jas lifted the brass knocker but the door opened before it fell back in place.

“Ms Pepper. Please come in.” The speaker was dressed in a maid’s outfit, although a more risqué version than any worn by those employed at nearby royal palaces. When the maid turned to lead her down the hall, Jas got a view of the young woman’s bare cheeks. She swallowed nervously. What was she letting herself in for?

Max was leaning against the fireplace in the large sitting room where the scantily-clad maid had taken her. The sight of her hostess looking imposingly handsome dressed in a close-fitting tuxedo dispelled her misgivings. Whatever this evening was leading to, it was likely to be more fun than a lonely night in front of the telly watching repeats of Rizzoli & Isles.

I was aware, as I was writing this and later scenes involving Jasmine and Max, that my mother would be reading this book. It is dedicated to her, after all. She didn’t comment after reading it, other than to say she enjoyed the story. However, she had obviously felt the need to warn her two elderly lesbian friends that they might find the content a bit risqué as I received an email from one of them saying: “I fear I must disappoint your mother in not being shocked by anything (have to admit that I’d have liked to have had even a bit more of Max and her carrying-ons)”. I think, of the reviews I’ve received so far for Arc Over Time, this is the comment that has been most pleasing.

My mother’s friend also went on to say how much she enjoyed the descriptions of the Huddersfield area in West Yorkshire as it’s where she grew up.

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet into the world of Starting Over and Arc Over Time, why not? It’s an exciting journey for all the characters, but Jasmine definitely has the ride of her life this time around.

After reading that excerpt, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a cold drink…

Cold beer

(Disclaimer: the flowers pictured above are the closest I have to Jasmine growing in my garden. Apologies in advance to any horticulturalists who will know what they are.)

Romance abounds in these two books:

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