A new book and a new cover

Arc Over Time by Jen Silver

I’m pleased to now be able to show off the cover for my second novel, due out in May. Thanks to another sterling job by Irish Dragon Designs, I feel this cover conveys exactly the tone I was looking for.

Arc Over Time is a continuation of the story in my first book, Starting Over. The characters didn’t want to let go and it’s not surprising.

Dr Kathryn Moss, professor of archaeology, has much to think about. The job offers are flowing in after her exciting archaeological discoveries at Starling Hill the previous year. Now she has choices to make that could jeopardise her relationship with Denise Sullivan, the fiery journalist, who has become her lover.

Den has her own worries. She feels they have moved beyond the casual sex stage to something more like a true relationship. However, she’s not sure how to handle Kathryn’s continuing infatuation with Ellie Winters, the beguiling owner of Starling Hill farm.

Arc Over Time is a journey of discovery for all involved. I hope you will be tempted to come along for the ride.

The first chapter is available to read on the Affinity website.

Starting Over is available from Affinity eBook Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bella Books, Smashwords, and iTunes.

2 comments on “A new book and a new cover

  1. Whoops Jen I got a chance to read this before publication and might have mentioned in a comment on your last book promo that the sequel was great! I’m glad this is coming out soon. I know people will love it as much as the first book, I did.


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