1000 words a day – not a problem!

This is what I tell myself when I sit down in front of my computer in the morning to write. I’ve had breakfast, coffee, quick glance at the paper, a peek at Facebook (five minutes won’t hurt, right?) and then I’m off.

Only I’m not. There’s a blank screen in front of me. Come on, one thousand words. How hard can it be? Well, some days it’s harder than others. Those are the days when the tempting distractions creep in. I’ll just have another cup of coffee…see what’s on Twitter…oh, look there’s a pair of doves in the garden.

One thing I’ve learned is not to force it or get obsessed with a word count. That really does take the joy out of writing. There are times when it’s hard work but there are others when you can feel the story growing, hear the characters speaking…those are the times when the words will flow and the numbers don’t matter any more. Those are the times to savour.


Oh, wow, 1001! The sun is shining…I’m off to the golf course…

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3 comments on “1000 words a day – not a problem!

  1. I write fiction and I find that when I’m writing scenes with dialog, 1000 words can come pretty fast. It’s not all dialog of course, but when two characters are talking to each other, the words fly. I too try for at least 1000 words a day and when I find myself getting stuck, it’s usually on a scene where no one has anything to say. If I can’t get unstuck fairly quickly, I’ll just jump ahead to a dialog scene and let my subconscious work on the previous scene for a bit. Sometimes that means I have to rework the lead in to the dialog a little but usually it all works out.


    • Thanks for your comment, Anne. I also find writing dialogue comes more easily. And if I get stuck, I find it best to move on and go back to that bit later. Otherwise I’ll stay stuck and lose the flow.


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